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Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter


Assalamualaikum, are you an International Islamic University Malaysia student? If you are, then you knew that IIUM use a CRS (Course Registration Slip) or a Confirmation Slip to show the class schedule.

But, the CRS is formatted in a way that make it cumbersome to see which class do you have on a particular day. That is, it does not arrange it in day-to-day basis. And so, due to my lazyness to reformat the schedule manually, I made a webapp called Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter. Basically, what this website does is, it reformat your CRS/Confirmation Slip into a schedule like this:

Of course, the design is not limited as the above only. You can customize your schedule according to your taste.

Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter also has a theme gallery that allow you to change the style of your schedule without much knowledge about CSS or EJS template. Although currently there is only one design available. Feel free to submit your own design.


  1. For Google Chrome user, make sure your bookmark bar is visible (Shift+Ctrl+B), then drag the link below to your bookmark bar.
    For Firefox user, you can just right click and then select "bookmark this link".
    Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter Magic Bookmarklet
  2. Open your Course Registration Slip (CRS)/Confirmation Slip at myiium
  3. Click on the bookmark that you had recently make. If you are using firefox, the bookmark may be in your menu.
  4. Wait for a few second... a message will appear saying "Saving your schedule...". Then it will say "Done! Please click this link."
  5. Click that link and another page will open. If the page does not open your schedule, try refreshing.


The link will open another page that allow you to customize your schedule.

Saving Your Schedule

To save your schedule, just click on the "save" button at the top right of the page. A new page will appear saying that your schedule is ready.


For any question, you can contact me at . And before you go, please share this page, and you can comment below for further questions.